Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I expect my home to be completed?
    The average construction time is 8 to 10 months from start to finish. The weather, size of the home, and time of year are all factors that affect the timeline.
  • Why does it seem like I have to make selections on items so far in advance?
    We care about every detail of your home as much as you do, therefore careful planning is necessary. The timing of selections is carefully coordinated to allow the most efficient flow of steps in the building process. We need to make sure there is adequate time in ordering materials and planning services. Our goal is to have you make selections in a structured and comfortable process and to allow construction activity to occur in a scheduled manner.
  • What is the role of the Field project manager?
    The Field Project Manager is responsible for the quality, schedule, safety, and material ordering on the project. He is the first line of communication on the day to day issues on the project and you first meet him at site stakeout.
  • Can I make changes to my home during construction? How are these changes communicated to the field?
    Any changes to your home construction plans are processed through a change order and are managed by the Field Project Manager. If a change request is approved, then necessary change order forms will be executed and released to the field. Any changes which increase the contract price require your signature before they are implemented.
  • What are typical construction schedule disruptions?
    Late material shipments, poor weather, selections not made on time, or subcontractor delays can all disrupt the construction schedule. We try our best to manage the construction of your home to minimize or eliminate all of these possible disruptions.
  • When will I receive a projected closing date?
    You will know your closing date at the completion of drywall work in your home. At this point, we can accurately project your actual closing date.
  • How should I communicate concerns/questions during the construction process?
    You are welcome to call or email the Field project manager or Don Hoerr anytime.
  • Should there be any “punch” items outstanding at closing?
    Our goal with every client is for them to be able to move into a 100% completed home. We will work diligently to complete any outstanding items as quickly as we can.
  • After closing, what do I do in case of an emergency?
    In the case of an emergency, please contact the appropriate subcontractor first. You will also be provided with an “Emergency Contact” sheet that lists all of our subcontractors.
  • What inspections are performed on my home after closing?
    After closing, there are two scheduled inspections — the 90 day walk-thru and the 11 month walk-thru. Prior to these inspections, please keep a list of the specific items you would like us to check. Contact the appropriate subcontractor immediately if there is an emergency concern.
For any further questions please contact us.