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Who We Are

Our heritage in home building spans three generations. It is a gift to hold the legacy of building homes that last in Peoria, Illinois. We are thankful for the generations that have gone before us, setting the example of hard work, quality craftsmanship, and the art of beauty. 


Our Story

In the unlikely year of 2007, Don Hoerr decided to start HBG. A bold move considering the time, but certainly not when considering his vast experience and heritage in the work of residential home building. 

In fact, let's really rewind back to the olden days when Don was called Donnie and his father was Don. At 12 years-old until college "Donnie" was working on his father's residential home building sites. He left for college to receive his bachelors from Purdue University in Building Construction Management. Following graduation he has had 8 years in commercial construction and is over 25 years in residential construction. 

Hoerr Building Group has taken great pride in establishing homes within a community that has so much to offer to one another. The loyalists, generational business', and nostalgic memories makes this city what it is: home. We look forward to helping you build home here in Peoria. 

Growing a Team

Good things grow. Hoerr Building Group has now expanded to far more employees than one. Brett Steffen is Don's son-in-law. Brett is a high performer, experienced carpenter, and attentive to hear and meet our client's needs. He currently works as Builder and Project Manager. Caleb Roeker and Mitch Hoerr are our carpenters who are skilled at their craft, provide excellent  quality finishes in all our homes, and are focused diligent workers. Jenny is our Residential Designer. Her creativity and competency bring our homes the function and aesthetic client's are looking to dwell in. Liv Steffen is the daughter of Don and the wife of Brett Steffen. She is the Interior Designer, providing direction in the selection process that completes a home with a cohesive representation of the client. 


Meet the Team

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